March 2, 2023

"I had the maintenance done at Gabriel's Auto Shop twice already. Both times the staff was very nice and the customer service was great. Very fair pricing as well! Would definitely recommend."
February 28, 2023

"Thanks Gabriel and company for accommodating and servicing my car when I needed them.!highly recommended for being professional and going beyond."
February 27, 2023

"Every step of the way they took great care in the whole process. I called them while I was at another auto repair place that wouldn't be able to provide my repair for 2-3 weeks. Gabriel got me in the very next morning. They also gave me use of the rental car they have on site so in the event the repairs weren't finished within the day, I would still be able to go about my weekend. I asked to OEM parts they made sure to get the parts from the dealership same day. Unfortunately due to no fault of Gabriel's the dealership sent 1 incorrect part so my car was not ready the same day, but it didn't matter because they had already given me a loaner car to use, Gabriel made sure I had a car for the next couple of days until the correct part came in. I also came by while my car was being worked on so I could retrieve a key I left in the car, Gabriel walked me to my car and got the keys, but he also showed me the damaged part they took out of my car and raised my car and showed me the next part that would be replaced under the car. It was so reassuring to see the damaged parts that would be replaced and the see the parts that had already been removed. Very trustworthy shop. No hesitation to recommend them to my family and friends. And to top it off you'll get a bottle of hot sauce when you pick up your vehicle!"
February 26, 2023

"I called and asked how long an oil change would be and they said an hour. I got there and luckily, nobody was there and sure enough, 1 hour. Gabriel and the lady at the counter were very nice!! I know I needed my breaks fixed and asked if they can check them out which they did! They fixed the 2 in the back and also gave me a loaner car so I didn't have to wait at the shop!!! Definitely recommend them and they give you a little gift :)_Also, they follow up with how the car is doing after their services by text! That's more than what any other place does!"
February 22, 2023

"Very Good"
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