Brake Repair Service in Chino, CA

The most important safety feature of your car is the brake system. It is crucial to be able to stop or slow down rapidly in the case of an emergency situation. Unfortunately brakes don’t stay in good shape forever.

Over time they will get worn down by everyday use. If regular maintenance such as replacing your brake pads aren’t kept up with, your damage will become more serious and more expensive. Call or stop by our auto repair shop today to learn more.

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Do You Know The Brake Repair Warning Signs?

Many people dread having to deal with a potentially expensive vehicle repair problem. It’s easy to minimize any noises or dash lights and hope they’ll go away on their own. However, brake problems are definitely something you don’t want to ignore.

The good news is that most brake issues aren’t expensive if caught early. Plus if you’re regularly bringing your car in for routine maintenance anyway, we’ll catch potential problems before they become huge headaches. At Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing, we’ve been solving brake problems in Chino, Chino Hills, Pomona, Ontario, Montclair, and Eastvale for over 25 years.

The following are definite signs your car’s brakes need to be fixed:

Brake ServiceAmber or red brake dashboard warning light: Even if it’s not a red light, you don’t want to delay calling us if any dashboard warning light comes on. You’re better off finding out that it’s a malfunctioning light than ignoring it and wind up with failing brakes.

Low or leaking brake fluid: The brake fluid in your car should not get low or leak unless there’s problem. If you notice the fluid is low when you have your hood open, or three’s fluid pooling under your vehicle, bring it in so we can diagnose the problem. Don’t forget to check out our Brakes for Breasts program while you’re here—your new brakes can help save lives to boot!

A spongy or poor responding brake pedal: If there’s been a change in the responsiveness or stopping power of your brakes, then you definitely don’t want to delay bringing your vehicle in and have us inspect the brakes.

Grinding, scraping, squeaking or squealing noises: It’s not normal for your breaks to make noises, especially loud, piercing noises. It’s better to come in when the noises are fainter than wait and see if they get worse.

No matter what sounds you notice, coming in at the first sign of brake trouble can mean the difference between getting new brake pads or a fluid leak repaired and having your brakes lock and winding up having to face a complete brake system replacement.

At Gabriel’s Automotive in Chino, CA, our Brake Services Include:

If you suspect your car’s brakes need attention or you just need to schedule a routine brake inspection for your vehicle, contact us today.