Brake Fade Explained

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At Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing, we have provided full-service auto care for residents of Chino Hills and all the surrounding communities, including Ontario, Pomona, and Eastvale for over 20 years. As an auto repair shop, we often receive questions from customers concerning performance issues and the solution. Your car’s brakes are a key part of its safety system, and if a car doesn’t stop right away or has a decrease in braking ability, this is very concerning. This issue is referred to as brake fade, and here is what causes it and what to do about it.

Brake Fade Explained

Brake fade is a decrease in your car’s braking ability resulting in you having to press the brake pedal harder and longer to stop your automobile. It is caused by components of your car’s making system no longer producing the friction needed to stop your car as expected. Your car’s braking system is complex and makes use of rotors, pads, pistons, calipers, and other parts to bring your car to a stop. You can feel this lack of responsiveness when stopping your car.

Causes and Prevention

Brake fade is typically caused by the heat your brakes produce not having enough time to dissipate. This concentrated heat overloads the many components of your car’s braking system, reducing its responsiveness. Other less common causes include issues with your brake fluid and worn-down brake pads. Your driving style and habits often impact brake fade. You can reduce the chances of brake fade by keeping the following tips in mind. Avoid overly aggressive driving, such as sudden stopping and fast starts. Instead of suddenly stopping, use downshifting to control your speed when you can. Regular brake service can keep your brakes in top working condition and should be done at least once a year unless your manufacturer advises servicing more often.

What To Do If You Have Brake Fade

If your car is experiencing brake fade, Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing can help. Your car’s brakes are essential for safe driving, and any reduction in performance can increase your odds of an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bad brakes are responsible for roughly a quarter of all accidents where faulty equipment is the cause. While some causes of brake fade go away over time,, this isn’t always the case; professional servicing will be needed to make repairs. We can help with all your brake needs, and no matter the cause, we can have your car safely back on the road. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your car in top condition.

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