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How to Diagnose Common Car Issues

February 26, 2020 11:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s nothing worse than watching your car’s check engine light pop on or hearing your trusty car or truck make odd noises or handle strangely. It’s a sensation that few people enjoy and even fewer people are truly qualified to handle. That said, not every noise or shudder in your car’s handling merits a trip to your nearest mechanic. Some are easily fixed with a bit more fluid and just a few minutes’ effort. Of course, before you can determine whether your car’s problems are minor or major, you have to know what’s going on. Here are some strategies for... View Article

What Is a Car Diagnostic, and Why Do I Need It?

November 27, 2019 4:58 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When you see a doctor, you expect a diagnosis. The physician will examine all the symptoms, run tests, determine the cause of the problems and propose a solution. Car diagnostic tests in Chino, CA work in a similar fashion. This “checkup” of your vehicle will help discover any problems with your car and allow a technician to make the appropriate repairs. Use the following FAQ to gain a better understanding of this entire process. What is a car diagnostic? Modern vehicles feature computerized components. This allows technicians to use software tools to pinpoint problems in your car’s engine or other... View Article

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