How to Diagnose Common Car Issues

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There’s nothing worse than watching your car’s check engine light pop on or hearing your trusty car or truck make odd noises or handle strangely. It’s a sensation that few people enjoy and even fewer people are truly qualified to handle.

That said, not every noise or shudder in your car’s handling merits a trip to your nearest mechanic. Some are easily fixed with a bit more fluid and just a few minutes’ effort. Of course, before you can determine whether your car’s problems are minor or major, you have to know what’s going on.

Here are some strategies for dealing with common car issues in Chino, CA.

Compromised handling

If you notice that your vehicle is handling poorly, especially in inclement conditions, it could be due to uneven wear on the tread of your tires. One way to determine if this is your problem is to take a quarter and run it through the treads of your tires. If you notice the rubber coming up to different heights on the coin as you move it, you should get your tires rotated or consider replacing them.

Squeaking or groaning brakes

Troubleshooting car issues in Chino, CA doesn’t get any easier than keeping an ear open for noisy brakes. If you step on the brakes and hear a whining or grinding noise, you very likely have issues with your brakes. Screeching brakes indicate a problem with your brake pads. Grinding noises indicate that your brakes themselves are in trouble. Issues with noisy brakes should be addressed as soon as possible. It’s safer and cheaper than letting the problem marinate.

Overheating engine

Is your car’s dashboard continually warning you of an overheating engine? Worse yet, is smoke coming out from underneath your hood? Your vehicle is likely low on coolant. It’s an easy fix—locate your car’s owner’s manual, find the coolant tank and pour in some more.

That said, if you notice that you have to replace the engine coolant regularly, it could be indicative of a more significant problem with your vehicle.

Car won’t start

It’s only natural to panic when you turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens. Don’t worry, though—the most likely problem is that you have a dead battery. A lot of times, grabbing some jumper cables (and enlisting the help of a friend) can solve the problem.

If jumpstarting the battery doesn’t fix the problem, or if you notice that your battery dies regularly, consider getting a replacement.

Can’t figure it out? Let us help!

You can try your hand at troubleshooting these and other common car issues in Chino, CA, or you can come to the honest, reliable team at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing. For over two decades, we’ve proudly served the Chino area by providing solutions to all our customers’ automotive needs.

Our highly-skilled team of professionals has undergone extensive training on a massive variety of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. No matter your make or model, we can help. Brakes, carburetors, charging systems, air conditioning systems, electrical components, emissions and more—Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing can fix it all. We can even help with your diesel engines. Give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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