Should I Have My Car’s A/C Checked Before the Winter?

November 21, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

You should consider having your car’s air conditioning system before winter. Many people believe that you should leave it alone during the winter, but the opposite is actually true. Continue reading to find out why you should run your AC during the winter and have it checked before you cut it off completely until next season.

Benefits of Having AC Checked Prior to Winter

Having the air conditioning in your vehicle checked before winter is beneficial for the air conditioner compressor and many other components of the system.

Fewer Problems

Many people don’t tend to use their AC during the winter, but just turning it on once in a while will prevent major problems from popping up later. If you fail to turn on the AC at all during the winter, you run the risk of missing issues that could occur with your AC system that otherwise won’t be caught until next summer. This leaves too much time for the issue to progress and can cause your AC to malfunction.

No Refrigerant Leaks

Oil and refrigerant cannot travel through your AC system if you don’t have the AC on. This can lead to damaged hoses and seals that may turn fragile if they don’t have the necessary lube. The final outcome is a refrigerant leak and an AC conditioner system that fails to cool your vehicle.

AC Parts Can Malfunction

Running your AC during the winter keeps all parts of your AC functioning as they should. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything will be in excellent condition. Over time, the hoses and seals can become worn out. This is one of the reasons why you should have these components frequently inspected by a mechanic. If you do happen to need a replacement or repair, they are relatively cheap and can reduce the risk of further issues later on.

It Isn’t That Cold

The last thing on your mind during the winter is to run your AC. The thought of it may make you colder. But, you don’t actually have to freeze while running your AC. You can easily just leave it running for several minutes every other week. This is plenty of time to enable the system to do its job effectively.

The best way to prevent any issues with your car’s air conditioning system is to run it throughout the year, including the winter. During the winter months, running your AC is beneficial. It can ensure the system is ready to use again when the summer rolls back around.

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