What Are the Best Traffic Apps?

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Technology has engulfed every aspect of life, penetrating all sectors, including communication and transportation. It helps us cope with our day-to-day activities quickly and accurately, making our lives much more convenient. One way that technology is revolutionizing transport and communication parts of our lives is through traffic apps.

Traffic apps, easily downloaded to smartphones, let drivers know about the current traffic status of a route they plan to take. Possible delays caused by peak hours, bad weather, road closures, and accidents on a particular route are highlighted to the app user. Safer and faster alternative routes are suggested. This information is crucial for avoiding traffic jams and saving time and fuel. 

The Best Traffic Apps on the Market

The traffic apps on the market for drivers can be as long as an arm or two. However, some apps have better features than others, doubling up as navigators, making them the go-to traffic apps for many users. Some of the very best traffic apps available today include;

Google Maps

It is the most popular navigation app and has gradually evolved into the best traffic app available worldwide. The app informs the user of every possible traffic event in their route. It then gives an approximate time you will reach your destination and recommends faster alternative routes. The app offers directions and traffic advice to all road users, including motorists, cyclists, public transit users, and pedestrians.

It also provides scenic images of your destination under the Street View. Another essential feature is that it allows you to download maps to help with your navigation in case your connectivity to the internet is not guaranteed. According to Statista, Google Maps had over 13 million downloads in July 2022. It makes it the leading traffic app globally. The downside of using Google Maps is that it quickly drains your battery. 


In terms of the number of downloads, Statista ranked Waze the second leading traffic app with over 13 million downloads in the US only. Since Google later acquired Waze, it has incorporated all the intelligence available on Google Maps. It now provides better insight to drivers regarding significant traffic events such as traffic jams, speed traps, and road hazards. 

This app gives you the fastest route to your destination. It notifies you of all traffic ahead, allowing you to take an alternate route. Its navigation and traffic reporting are voice-activated, making it a hands-free app. It also pairs your Google Calendar and Facebook events. Judging the current traffic condition, it then notifies you of the best time to leave for your scheduled event and arrive punctually. The unique feature of this traffic app is that it informs your friend of your estimated arrival time, making it possible for them to track your drive. However, this app will also drain your battery very fast.

Sygic Navigation and Maps

In addition to offering standard navigation features, Sygic Navigation & Maps is packed with extra benefits. The basic app is cost-free and offers offline map downloads. However, accessing a heads-up display and seeing actual views of your route are add-on features requiring premiums ranging from $10 to $20. 

As we all know, time is precious. Therefore, every tech that will help you save extra time comes in handy in our lives. It would be best if you considered installing a traffic app on your smartphone to enjoy the many benefits it offers users. 

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