What To Do When a Dash Light Comes On

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Every day, we see vehicles come in with dashboard warning lights that have come on at Gabriel’s Automotive and Towing. When those lights come on, it is time to rush the vehicle into the shop so we can figure out exactly what has gone wrong with it. 

What do vehicle’s warning lights and symbols mean? 

If you are like many others, you probably wonder what some of the various lights on your dashboard mean. There are a lot of people who see these lights and simply aren’t sure what they are looking at. That is okay because we have the experience and expertise to help you get the information you require regarding these lights and what you can do about them. 

Brake System Warning

You will see this light come on when there is a problem with your brakes. On some vehicles, there is also a more direct message that says "Brake" on it to alert you that there may be a problem with this element of your vehicle. It may be the case that you have some problem with a brake hose, a disk caliper, or some other element of your brakes. Whatever the case, you need to have your entire brake system looked over to see what elements of the process need addressing.

Safety Belt Reminder

This light is usually coupled with a beeping or chiming sound throughout the vehicle. It means that a passenger in the vehicle has not fastened their seatbelt as they ought to. It is a helpful reminder and can prevent injuries in a crash. When they don’t put their seatbelt on, they risk harming themselves or others. To get this light to go off, make sure everyone has their seat belt fastened. 

Airbag Indicator

This warning light looks funny to many people. It almost appears as though a passenger in the vehicle is holding a beach ball on their lap. However, it means there is some issue with the airbag. You will definitely want to get the airbags reset as soon as possible because they are such a vital part of keeping you safe during an accident. No one believes that it will happen to them, but it happens to thousands of people every year, so it is something to pay attention to. 

Oil Pressure Warning

A light that comes on to indicate a problem with the oil pressure in your vehicle is also essential to watch out for. This light indicates a serious oil pressure issue in your vehicle, and it should be addressed as soon as possible. Oil pressure that is too low or too high may interfere with the ability of your vehicle to operate as it is supposed to in the long term. 

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