Should I Replace My Car Battery Before It Goes Bad?

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Your car’s battery is a vital component, as it’s the force that gets your car running and the power source for your accessories. You might wonder if and when you should change your battery to ensure you can safely get to where you need to go. Here’s some information about that:

When To Change Your Battery

All batteries gradually deteriorate. Thus, you will never buy one that will last the vehicle’s life. However, you can make purchasing choices that will extend the amount of time you have with a working battery. 

Most batteries are designed to last from one to three years, and all of them come with warranties and estimated life spans. If you buy a battery with a one-year warranty, you can assume that you should consider replacing it shortly after that year is up, if not at the year’s mark. That doesn’t mean it won’t last beyond the warranty period; it just gives you an idea of how quickly the battery may wear. 

Weak Battery Warning Signs

Watching for signs of a weak battery can also help you stay on top of your replacement intervals. These are some of the top signs that it might be time to change your battery:

Indicator Lights

Your car most likely has a warning light to indicate when your battery has problems. Consider changing the battery if you see that light. 

Clicking Sounds

A drained or weak battery may cause clicking sounds when you start your car, which means you don’t have enough "juice" in your battery to start your vehicle. A jump can get you going, but you should consider having someone check your battery strength after you get on the road. 

Dim Lights

Dim headlights are a common sign of a weak battery. You may also have an issue if you notice dimness in some of your other lights or your instrument panel. 

Slow Crank

Slow cranking signifies that your vehicle is struggling to start because of insufficient charging energy. The problem could be with your battery or alternator. 

Repetitive Starting Issues

You might be the unhappy owner of a weak battery if you have to get someone to jump you more than once in the same week, and the battery drain is no fault of your own. The issue may be due to aged cells, and thus, it might be time to replace your car battery. 

Testing Your Battery

You can use several methods to test your battery. You can take it to an automotive parts store that offers free battery testing. You can also invest in the equipment to test it yourself if you intend to use it later. You will know whether you need a battery once you properly connect the device to it. 

Who Should Change Your Battery?

It’s always best to take your vehicle to an automotive shop. Some of them offer free installation with their battery purchases. In that case, you can save yourself a lot of labor and effort by having an automotive technician do the installation. 

Don’t hesitate to have someone check your battery and replace it if necessary. It can save you a great deal of aggravation and rideshare costs. 

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