Are After Hour Key Drops Safe To Use At My Auto Repair Shop?

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Most auto shops close at 6.00 p.m. At this time, most car owners who need auto repair services and use their cars during the day for work are just getting out of work. Some have to deal with a traffic jam before getting to your auto mechanic shop. Additionally, some customers might have their cars break down during the night, and they need to bring them to be inspected and repaired at odd hours. Night drop boxes are designed to help auto repair shops take their clients’ vehicles for repairs after hours. 

How Do Night Drop Boxes Work? 

The night drop boxes are usually set up outside the auto repair shop. Any client who needs to drop their vehicle at the auto repair shop after hours can do so, and they get to place their car keys in the night drop box. When the auto repair shop opens in the morning, the mechanics will get the keys of the dropped-off vehicles from the night drop box and drive them into the shop to commence the repair.

You should know that before the car owners put their vehicles’ keys into the night drop boxes, they have to place them inside night drop box envelopes. These envelopes have some space where the car owners can write down their personal information and detail the service or repair they want to be done to their vehicle. The envelopes are appropriately sized to fit all sizes of car keys and remotes and are also small enough to pass through the slot on the drop boxes easily. They also feature the auto repair shop’s company name and contact information.

Are Night Drop Boxes Safe to Use at My Auto Repair Shop?

Night drop boxes are safe to use at any auto repair shop. Firstly, most of them are constructed with steel or reinforced steel and are lockable. This means that it’s pretty challenging for any person to gain access to the contents of a night drop box without its key. Additionally, night drop boxes are usually mounted on a solid door, the side of the building, in-ground posts, or surface-mount posts. This makes it very difficult for the night drop box to be removed from its position without specialized tools. Even with specialized tools, it will take some time for someone to remove the night drop box from its position. This time is sufficient for police to have already arrived at the scene and foil their plans. Therefore, as an auto mechanic shop that wants to improve customer service, a night drop box is a must-have. 

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