Car AC Doesn’t Work: What My Mechanic May Do

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Sure, our great-grandparents knew how to live without it, but let’s be honest, most of us are spoiled by our vehicle air conditioning. When it isn’t working right it’s a problem. There are several factors that could be contributing to your car AC problems. These issues can be difficult to diagnose, but it does not necessarily mean you need an immediate trip to the mechanic. You can start by asking, "What commonly breaks when my car AC is not working?" And, "How does a mechanic fix my car AC?" You can do some of these steps yourself.

Compressor Problems

It is often a good idea to start by looking at the compressor. You can do this easily. First, turn on the engine and turn on your AC full blast. You will want to look and see if the compressor’s clutch is engaged. You will notice this because the center component which engages and disengages the pulley will not be working properly.

The refrigerant levels might be low if you notice that this component is moving fast. This problem will stop the AC from working properly. Low refrigerant levels are often caused by a malfunction in the system or a leak.

You can use a voltmeter to assess the voltage that is flowing to the compressor. If you observe that voltage is getting through, then the clutch could be faulty. If you notice that the clutch won’t engage at all, then the problem could be the clutch cycling switch.

Condenser Problems

You should check the vehicle’s condenser when you notice that the AC system is putting out barely cool air despite what you set the system on. A condenser can get clogged with debris. You can check this and clean out the debris to see if the problem improves. If the condenser is damaged, that could be the AC culprit.

Cabin air filters are also an important component of your AC system. If the filter is blocked or damaged, it could cause problems with your cool air. You can also use a manifold gauge set to check all of the system pressures. You will need to find out what the recommended pressure settings are by checking your vehicle manual.

Leak Problems

Most AC issues are caused by leaks. If you notice low pressure, it is often caused by a leak. You can easily check for leaks by using a UV AC leak detection kit. This kit will provide you with dye and a UV light to help you find leaks.

If you do not feel comfortable troubleshooting these types of issues on your own, you can call Gabriel’s Automotive and Towing. We are here to help you with your vehicle needs in Chino, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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