Six Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Brake Pads

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When it comes to your car or truck, there are some repairs you can put off, and some you truly can’t. Brake repair falls into the latter category—there is no single part of your automobile’s systems that affects you and your family’s safety more than the brakes. As a result, it’s absolutely vital that you know the warning signs (and sounds) that it’s time to bring your car in for brake repair before something serious happens.

Read on to get a better idea of what you need to watch for if you want to know the right time to change your brake pads:

  • Vibration in the car: If your pedals shake and vibrate when you brake, or if the entire car seems to, this could be a sure sign that brake repair is needed. It’s entirely possible that your rotors are warped, which means the pads are wearing unevenly. Replacement is your best bet here so as to get a clean slate.
  • Grinding sounds: If you hit the brakes and hear a grinding sound, that’s also a sign you need to bring your car in for repairs. Pressure on your pedal leading to unpleasant sounds is usually a surefire sign that your brake pads are completely finished and should be immediately replaced. One possible reason for this is that some pads have built-in metal wear indicators, which are made to produce an unpleasant sound when they’re worn down. While this might be annoying, it also prevents you from doing true damage to the brakes by alerting you to have the pads replaced as soon as possible.
  • Longer stops: Your brakes should be immediately responsive when you press down on the pedal. If you find that it’s taking longer for your car to come to a stop when you hit the brakes, it could be a sign that the brake fluid is low (possibly due to a leak), or it could mean the pads are completely worn down. Either way, it’s time to bring your car to the mechanic.
  • Squeaking or squealing: Another audible hint is if you hear a squeal or a squeak when you hit the brakes. When your pads wear down excessively over time, they eventually start to make these ugly sounds. When that occurs, you should get them fixed immediately, as it’s a sign that your rotors are starting to be damaged as well, which could cost you a lot more money in repairs.
  • Brake pad light comes on: Most newer cars have brake pad warning lights that will appear on the dashboard when they’re getting a bit thin. This is an easy one—if you see the light, it’s time for brake repair!
  • Pads appear thin: If you know how to inspect your own brake pads, you’re ahead of the game. Take a look at them and know that it’s time to replace them if they’re down to ¼ inch or less.

Brake pad repair and maintenance is a key part of keeping your car or truck safe on the road. Our team at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing has the knowledge to work on any brake issue you might encounter, so give us a call today to schedule a service appointment!

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