Electrical Problems That Could Affect Your BMW

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Just like any other car, a BMW might experience electrical problems over time. Common electrical problems with BMWs include dead batteries, issues with the alternator, blown fuses and more. If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, it’s best to visit a reputable BMW mechanic in Chino, CA. Having your repairs taken care of by a professional will prevent larger issues down the line.

You shouldn’t ignore possible electrical issues with your BMW. Use the information below to determine whether something is wrong with the electrical system in your vehicle.

Issues with the alternator

Your vehicle’s alternator works in conjunction with your battery, so when the alternator is malfunctioning, your vehicle may not turn on at all. There are several ways to tell whether your alternator is failing. If your headlights have started to flicker, for example, this could mean your alternator isn’t providing enough power to them. Problems with your power windows and locks could also signal a bad alternator.

Since many of the symptoms of a bad alternator could also signal a dying battery, it’s best to visit your local BMW repair shop in Chino, CA before jumping to any conclusions. Your vehicle’s electrical issues might not warrant an expensive repair.

Battery problems

Most vehicles need to have their batteries replaced every couple of years. This can vary based on the type of vehicle you drive, though. If the battery in your BMW is dying, you may have trouble cranking the car. A dying battery might also cause a clicking sound when you try to crank your BMW.

Dead batteries are common and easy to fix. Bring your car to a shop and have them test the battery. When your battery is dead, simply have it replaced. If a battery test shows that the battery is still good, the problem could be with your alternator.

Problems inside the vehicle

Electrical problems with your BMW could easily affect the inside of your car. You’ll know there’s a problem if the stereo or inside lights have suddenly stopped working. As with many BMW electrical issues, a broken car stereo or interior lights are sometimes the result of a dead battery or bad alternator.

Blown spark plugs and fuses

Your spark plugs are important when it comes to the ignition system of your car. There are several signs that your spark plugs may need replacing, including a hesitating engine and trouble starting the vehicle. Poor acceleration, a misfiring engine and a loud engine might also indicate the need for new spark plugs. Experiencing these issues is sometimes terrifying, especially if you’re on the road when they occur.

The right BMW mechanic in Chino, CA can replace your spark plugs quickly and easily at a fair price. Most spark plugs need to be replaced at around 40,000 to 90,000 miles, but the distance can vary based on many factors.

Any BMW owner in need of quality repair and maintenance should contact the experts at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing. With three decades of industry experience, we know BMWs and can get your vehicle running smoothly again.

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