Different Types of Car Tires

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Do you know about all the different types of car tires available in Chino, CA? Most people just use what the manufacturer recommends for everyday driving, and call it a day. However, certain kinds of tires can help different types of driving—for example, that’s why people in snowy, icy climates need winter tires.

Passenger touring vehicle tires

Here’s a closer look at some of your tire options for standard passenger cars:

  • All-season: These tires are designed to work in wet and dry weather alike. They should grip the road during all types of California weather, and handle city and highway driving equally well.
  • Touring: If you have a performance vehicle, you may want to get touring tires. They have better speed ratings, and are typically more responsive than regular all-season tires. These tires usually have an asymmetrical tread, and are often available in luxury versions.
  • Summer: Living in California means that summer tires aren’t really a necessity, since it’s fairly temperate year-round. These tires are designed to handle well in both wet and dry weather, but are optimized for the heat.
  • Performance: Performance tires have high speed ratings, and are designed to grip the road well in both wet and dry conditions. The tread typically has much larger grooves than other passenger touring vehicle tire types.
  • Track and competition: This type of tire should not be used for daily driving. Track and competition tires are specifically designed for constant road contact in dry conditions. Use them only if you’re racing your car at a track.

Truck and SUV tires

If you drive a truck or SUV, your driving habits are likely to be a little different, and so are your tire options:

  • Highway: These types of tires are great if you do a lot of highway driving—they’re engineered to grip the road in all types of weather, and include very comfortable handling.
  • All-terrain: If you like to take your truck or SUV off the road, all-terrain tires are your best bet. They’re designed to handle mud, gravel, sand and, of course, normal roads, too.
  • All-purpose: These are like the junior version of all-terrain tires. All-purpose tires can handle more off-road conditions than highway tires, but they’re not as effective as all-terrain tires when it comes to off-roading.
  • Mud terrain: When you’re serious about off-roading, mud terrain tires are great. They have very large tread blocks and voids, which allows them to handle soft terrain while resisting punctures. They’re not as comfortable on roads, and can be noisy, too.
  • Ribbed: Ribbed tires are great for highway driving. They’re designed to last ages on the road, even in wet conditions, and can handle heavy loads. These are often used for commercial vehicles.
  • Sport truck: This type of tire is like performance tires for trucks and SUVs. They’re optimized to handle all sorts of weather, and are responsive, smooth and easy on the road.

Choosing the right kind of tires can greatly enhance your driving experience. If you’re not sure what type of car tires are right for your vehicle in Chino, CA, be sure to ask the experts at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing. We can help you find the right tires for your specific needs.

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