Stop Squeaky Brakes in Chino, CA

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Let’s face it: It’s always easier to ignore a problem with your car rather than deal with it. For example, you may hear your brakes squeaking and believe it’s no big deal. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and any unusual sounds your brakes are making could be a sign of a bigger problem.

That means you’ll want to do what you can to resolve squeaky brakes in Chino, CA quickly. Having a specialized auto mechanic inspect your car now can lead to avoiding costly repairs in the future. Here are the leading causes of squeaky brakes and what can be done about the problem.

Braking with too much force

Sometimes squeaky brakes are not necessarily the result of a mechanical issue. There are some instances in which you may need to break hard, say to avoid a crash or if there’s a traffic jam that sneaks up on you. In these cases, you may brake hard and notice there’s a squeaking noise. Luckily, this kind of one-time event isn’t automatically a sign of any problem with the car. If the brakes aren’t squeaking in normal driving conditions, then you generally have no need to worry.

Problems with brake pads

This is one of the most common reasons your brakes may begin squeaking. For any car that’s racked up a good number of miles, it may be the case that the brake pads are wearing out. The squeaking sound is the result of a built-in indicator that acts as a warning sign to replace the brake pads before they completely wear down. If this occurs, then you’re liable to do damage to the rotors.

Brake rotor rust

Over the years, your vehicle’s rotors may become rougher. This is another leading cause of brakes squeaking. If this is a problem for your car, then your mechanic should be able to file the rust away from the rotors.

Solving brake squeaking problems

In cases where the brake pads are new and the rotor isn’t rusted, there are a few other techniques that may stop that squeaking sound. One common method is to grease the contact points. This involves taking out the brake pads from the calipers and greasing down each contact point.

Another method involves installing a new set of brake pad shims. If this doesn’t work either, then you may be looking at replacing the brake pads or the rotors.

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