Prepare Your Car for Fall with These Maintenance Tips

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Fall is a transitional season in many ways, marked more by preparation for winter than anything else. The months of October and November are ideal for getting your car ready for the inevitability of winter weather, especially if you live in or will be spending ample time in a place that sees snow or ice. Even if you don’t, though, fall car maintenance is essential for protecting the longevity of your vehicle in Chino, CA.

Here are just a few examples of some of the steps you can take to prepare your car for fall and what lies beyond.

  • Check your battery: Car batteries aren’t meant to last forever. The time leading up to winter is a good time to check your battery and make sure it’s in good condition. Perform a physical inspection of the battery to check for any signs of sulfation and make sure it still has plenty of charge to get you through the season. Clean the battery terminals as necessary so you don’t have issues with hard starting as the weather gets cooler.
  • Lubricate window tracks and weatherstripping: The cold and iciness of winter can do a number on your window tracks and the weatherstripping surrounding your windows. When freezing water gets into the tracks, it can make it difficult for you to open or close the windows and potentially damage regulator cables (requiring an expensive repair job). Meanwhile, the weatherstripping can be a location where water gets in and freezes, making it difficult for you to open car doors. Lubricating these areas will prevent issues with water buildup and freezing and keep your windows and doors in good shape for winter operation.
  • Check your tires: Perform a thorough inspection of your tires and their general condition. Having tires in good shape for winter is crucial to avoid slipping on the road. Make sure the tire depth is sufficient—tires that have lost their treads are more likely to have issues with slipping. You should also check to make sure the air pressure in your tires is at a reasonable level for operation. Tires with air pressure that is too low or too high will have problems with uneven wear, inefficient operation and potential safety issues on the road.
  • Coolant: Make sure you have sufficient coolant levels in your vehicle. Coolant contains anti-corrosive substances and lubricants that keep the cooling system in good condition. Coolant also helps protect your engine against freezing.
  • Change wiper blades: You can find special winter wiper blades on the market, which will be better able to stand up to rainy, snowy or icy conditions they’ll be exposed to during the winter months. The blade is designed to avoid buildup of snow or ice.
  • Check headlights: The increased level of darkness and greater likelihood of precipitation makes it even more important that your headlights are fully operational. Check all lights on your vehicle to make sure they’re working and do any necessary repairs or replacements.

Fall is the perfect time to conduct routine car maintenance and ensure your vehicle is safe for winter. For more information about the steps you should take as part of your fall vehicle maintenance, contact our auto repair shop in Chino, CA.


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