What Is 30/60/90 Maintenance, and Why Is It Important?

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If you’ve heard someone mention 30/60/90 car maintenance in Chino, CA and it left you scratching your head, wonder no more. This is simply a term for factory-scheduled maintenance every 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles. Factory-scheduled maintenance is designed by your vehicle’s manufacturer to keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible. It’s usually a condition of the warranty, so it’s wise to keep up with your maintenance for that reason alone. Although many people think factory-scheduled maintenance is just a way for dealerships and shops to make more money, it’s important to keeping your car running.

30/60/90 maintenance tasks

Each time you take your car in for factory-scheduled maintenance, your repair technician will go over the car to look for any signs of major problems. If there’s nothing that needs to be repaired or replaced, they’ll go through a series of tasks. They’ll replace the fluids, including the oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid and more. Your air filters and the spark plugs or plug wires will be replaced. The shop will inspect your timing belt and make any necessary replacements. Then they’ll check your brakes, servicing if appropriate. Finally, they’ll inspect and rotate your tires, checking for wear and tear and proper air pressure.

Some owners are afraid to take their cars in for factory-scheduled maintenance because they’re worried the shop will make replacements without notifying them first. In fact, only necessary replacements are made during this maintenance. If the mechanic notices there are potential problems, they’ll notify you about what they are and when they suggest getting them repaired. Your car will still be safe to drive, but may experience problems later on.

Who can perform factory-scheduled maintenance?

Another reason people avoid taking their car in for 30/60/90 maintenance is that they think they have to take it to a dealership—and the dealership might even make it seem that way. However, any certified auto repair specialist can perform your regular car maintenance in Chino, CA, so you can take it to your favorite local repair shop. As long as they have the certification, the conditions of your warranty will be satisfied. That said, if you drive a foreign model, you may want to call the shop ahead of time to make sure they specialize in your car type.

Taking care of your car is key to making sure it runs properly. Although it can be inconvenient or an unwanted expense, it’s a worthwhile investment. Think about how much you rely on your car every day—it’s wise to invest in keeping it running as long as possible. Finally, if you’re planning to sell your car someday, you’ll be able to charge more for a car in great repair.

When it’s time for your regular car maintenance in Chino, CA, you don’t need to take your car to the dealership. Let the ASE-certified mechanics at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing take care of your vehicle. Call or stop by today to set an appointment—we look forward to serving you!

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