Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioning Compressor Is Failing

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A failing air conditioner is a nightmare during a hot Chino, CA summer. If you’re not ready to ride in a glass oven, you should watch out for the signs that your car AC compressor is failing. The sooner you take it in for repairs, the easier it will be to get your air conditioner up and running again. All compressors fail eventually, but the longer you put off repairs, the more likely it is that the damage will become more complicated.

The air compressor is the critical component in the air conditioner. It pressurizes air and propels the refrigerant, so that the air will flow over the cool coils and blow into the cabin. When something goes wrong with the compressor, the AC will fail—and you’ll be a sweaty mess until it’s fixed.

Watch for these signs

To avoid getting stuck without air conditioning, pay attention if you notice any of the situations below. If your car’s AC starts showing any of these signs, take it in for repairs as soon as possible:

  • It’s not cooling as efficiently: The biggest sign of AC compressor failure in Chino, CA is when you notice the air conditioner just doesn’t seem to be working like it used to. That happens when the compressor can’t move the refrigerant around properly, resulting in an inability to cool the air. Take your car in before it worsens or goes out completely.
  • The compressor clutch isn’t moving: Your compressor has a clutch, which can either seize or break. If the clutch seizes, your compressor will be stuck permanently in an “on” position, even if you’re not using the AC. This causes it to wear out faster. If the clutch breaks, the compressor will be shut off since it can no longer receive energy from the engine. A broken clutch often requires replacing the entire compressor unit.
  • It’s making strange noises: Finally, if you’re noticing strange sounds whenever you turn on your AC, it’s likely due to a broken interior component in the compressor. The compressor has several bearings within the unit, and if they fail, seize or leak, you’ll hear loud noises. If this happens, shut your air conditioner off and drive your car to a repair shop as soon as possible. You will likely need to replace the compressor.

Taking care of your air conditioning compressor will help you stay on top of these signs—have it looked at when you take your car in for a tune-up so you’re never surprised by your car AC failing in Chino, CA. Regular maintenance is key to extending its lifespan as well as catching problems early. You’ll stay more comfortable, and your car will retain much more resale value.

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