What to Do if Cold Air Blows Intermittently from Your Car’s AC

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Driving around in warm weather is one of life’s real pleasures. It’s usually a great time if you can get out on the open road and feel the wind through the open windows. Sometimes, however, it’s better to rely on your car’s air conditioning system for cooling. When that occurs, you want to be sure you can rely on the AC unit to work consistently and effectively. If you find that you can’t rely on that system, then it’s time to call the pros at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing.

One problem with car air conditioning that we see fairly often is that the car AC is only intermittently blowing cold air in Chino, CA before going back to blowing warmer air. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to solve this common issue.

What is intermittent cold air?

Simply put, this is a situation when your car’s AC works off and on. It might blow comfortable cold air for 30 minutes and then go back to blowing warmer air. These time increments can vary in every case, of course, but basically it means that the cold air comes and goes. This can almost be more maddening than the AC just not working at all, but fortunately a car AC that’s intermittently cold in Chino, CA can be solved with some auto ac repairs by ASE Certified car air conditioning technicians.

What causes intermittent cold air from my AC?

As with any auto repair issue, there can be a number of culprits that cause problems for you, but intermittent cold air is usually the result of one of a few things. The most common issue that we see roll into our shop when the car AC is cold and then hot in Chino, CA is that the evaporator has not been functioning as it should. What this means is that the evaporator in your car can ice over, which means it won’t work properly. If it’s covered in ice, it won’t be able to cool the air entering your car, which causes the entire problem.

What causes an iced-over evaporator?

Since an iced-over evaporator is the most common issue we deal with, we’ve been able to narrow typical repairs down to a few usual suspects. A dirty cabin air filter could be causing the problem, since air that’s not entering cleanly will cause the AC to not work at peak efficiency. A car AC that’s intermittently cold in Chino, CA can also be due to a blocked evaporator drain or an overcharged system—a freezing problem can also usually be identified by customers if there are puddles of water under the car.

You rely on your car’s AC to keep you and your family comfortable, and you can rely on Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing to make sure the AC is always operating effectively and efficiently. If your car’s AC is acting up, make sure you give us a call and let us put our 25-plus years of experience to work for you. We want to earn your business, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

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