When to Change Your Car’s AC Filter

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Most people perform routine maintenance on their cars, including getting regular oil changes, filling up their tires and other common maintenance practices. However, many people aren’t aware that they should also be checking and changing their AC filter. Performing regular maintenance on your car’s air conditioning system will help it run smoothly and avoid needing car AC repair in Chino, CA. Read on to learn more about why changing the filter is important.

The importance of the AC filter

You may not even be aware that your car has an AC filter. However, the cabin’s air filter is an important part of your vehicle’s AC system. It cleans the air that comes into the cabin from the air conditioning system under the hood. The filter also catches debris and dust that could otherwise be blown into the interior of the car and would be unpleasant to inhale, especially during allergy season! If your air filter becomes clogged with debris, it won’t run as efficiently, and if it’s too clogged, it may cause issues for the air conditioning system itself, resulting in an ineffective AC system. This problem could eventually lead to you needing car AC repair in Chino, CA.

Changing the car AC filter

Since your car’s AC filter plays such an important role in your vehicle’s air conditioning system in order for it to keep running correctly, it’s important to clean it and replace it periodically. Your car’s manufacturer will have recommendations for how often the filter should be replaced. It’s usually between 12,000 and 15,000 miles. However, if you live in an urban area with lots of pollution and low air quality, you may want to replace the air filter more often, perhaps annually.

You should also be on the lookout for signs that your air filter needs to be replaced. If you are experiencing worse airflow than you remember having in the past, or if you crank up the fan and it results in more noise but not more air pressure, you may be in need of a new air filter. Another sign is bad smells that arise from turning on the air conditioner. This indicates the air filter is not functioning as it should. You should check the air filter at least once a year, even if you are not experiencing any negative effects. You may find all manner of debris and particles clogging up your filter, which you can always clean out even if it’s not time to completely replace the filter itself.

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