Important Car Maintenance in Chino, CA: Flushing the Coolant

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Engine coolant, also called antifreeze, is a vehicle fluid that removes excess heat from the engine to prevent overheating. This heat transfer fluid is normally made up of a 50/50 combination of ethylene or propylene glycol and water. It comes in many different types, so check your owner’s manual to be sure you’re picking the right engine coolant for your vehicle.

The coolant has an important job. Because the engine creates a lot of energy and heat while the vehicle is in motion, it’s up to the exhaust and cooling systems to ensure the engine stays cool. Coolant is needed to absorb the heat from the engine, and it stops the engine water from hitting a boiling point during the warmer months. Additionally, coolant keeps metal parts from rusting and rubber or plastic parts from corroding.

A lack of coolant can cause big problems. Without it, the heat produced in the internal combustion would destroy the engine in a short amount of time. It’s true that coolant is mixed with water, but water by itself is not capable of keeping the engine sufficiently cool. If there was no coolant, the engine would eventually boil the water or the hot weather would evaporate it.

Benefits of flushing the coolant

Coolant flushes offer many benefits to your car’s cooling system. It’s an important part of car maintenance in Chino, CA, which is why the pros recommend a coolant flush once a year. Here’s why your vehicle needs periodic coolant flushes:

  • Removes debris: An annual coolant flush is necessary to remove rust and scale deposits that have built up over time. You must rid your car of these deposits because they can cause overheating or damage to your cooling system.
  • Lubricates and preserves parts: A fresh helping of new antifreeze in your cooling system is great for the engine. Because new coolant contains additives that are designed to lubricate the water pump, it can help extend the life of your water pump. The additives can also prevent rust buildup in the water pump. An absence of rust means the cooling system can operate efficiently.
  • Removes harmful particles: As time goes on, old antifreeze will lose its anti-corrosive properties. This allows contaminants to build up in the cooling system. The simplest and most effective way to completely clean these particles from the system is to get a coolant flush.
  • Prevents acidic issues: An annual coolant flush will prevent the old engine coolant from becoming acidic. If it starts to become acidic, it’ll break down and cause damage to the bearing in the water pump, rubber hoses and aluminum components in the engine.
  • Inspection time: When you take your car to the shop for a coolant flush, it’s common practice to inspect the entire cooling system. Your auto technician will check the thermostat, radiator, hoses and belts for leaks and other potential problems.

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