Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

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It’s springtime at last, and the weather is getting warmer. By the time summer arrives, you’re going to be making regular use of your vehicle’s air conditioning, so it’s important that you make sure it’s in good condition before the season arrives in full force.

In most cases, your vehicle’s air conditioning system won’t just die without any warning signs. You might notice some symptoms that indicate you need repairs, and it’s important to listen to those warning signs before the problems worsen and the system fails completely. Taking quick action will ensure you’re able to keep the cold air coming, and will also help you prevent some more significant and expensive repairs from being necessary.

With all this in mind, here is some information from a company offering auto AC repair in Chino, CA about some of the most common tell-tale signs you need to get your car’s AC fixed:

  • Ineffective cooling: If you regularly use the air conditioning in your car, you’ll have a general idea of what you should be able to expect from its various settings. If you get the sense your car isn’t cooling off quite as well as it typically does when you’ve got the AC at certain settings, this could be a sign of a problem within the air conditioning system. It might be a slight difference from the norm, or it might be that you’re not getting any cold air at all. Perhaps the airflow isn’t as strong as it typically is, or the air conditioning is actually pushing warm air into the cabin rather than cold air. You should have a professional technician investigate the system for loose hoses, ventilation fan problems or buildups of mold and mildew.
  • Strange noises: While it’s natural for auto AC systems to make some level of noise, it should be pretty faint. Any unusual noises you hear could indicate there’s a problem somewhere in the system. For example, if you have a bearing worn out in the compressor, you will likely hear a squealing or grinding sound that is anything but pleasant. Replacing the bearing is typically necessary to stop this sound. In addition, the clutch in the compressor can get worn out over time, resulting in a rattling sound. These are issues to consider.
  • Water in the cabin: Water and condensation from your AC unit should drain from the vehicle through the bottom of the car. However, if the drains become blocked, there’s a chance that water will pool up inside the vehicle instead. You should have a professional check the drains to make sure they’re cleared.
  • Strange smells: Strange smells are a potential sign of mold that’s built up inside the system, typically on the evaporator case. Long-term mold exposure can result in respiratory problems, so it’s important to get this issue resolved as soon as possible if you notice it in your vehicle.

For more information about auto AC repair in Chino, CA, contact the experts at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing today.

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