Why You Need to Get an Oil Change in Chino, CA

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Every car owner knows that regular oil changes are an important aspect of vehicle maintenance, but a lot of people don’t keep up on this service the way they should. If you don’t understand the importance of oil changes, you might not feel a sense of urgency about getting your oil changed as soon as your indicator light pops on or you exceed the manufacturer’s mileage recommendation. The reality is that oil changes are essential, and there are a number of reasons why you should keep up with regular oil changes.

What does oil do?

Even if you don’t have a background in automotive mechanics, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of moving parts that are all necessary to make your engine go. With all of these different parts, systems and components all working to keep your car moving, there is a lot of heat and friction generated, and that’s why oil is so important. Oil runs through your engine and keeps all of these parts lubricated so that they can move freely without becoming damaged or overheating. Over time, oil will wear out and begin to accumulate debris, and it won’t work as effectively. When that happens, you need an oil change to get your car into peak condition again. Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons why regular oil changes are so important:

  • Increased efficiency: When your engine’s components aren’t lubricated properly, they consume more fuel and reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. Routine oil changes can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and, in the long run, save you a little money on vehicle operation.
  • Less wear and tear: The high heat and friction that’s created by your engine components leads to excessive wear and tear in your engine. Proper lubrication with regular oil changes is the only way to mitigate this wear and tear. In addition, regular oil changes help clear out sludge and debris that may be causing additional stress and corrosion in your engine. You can significantly reduce engine damage and component wear and tear by following oil change recommendations and using the right type of oil for your specific engine.
  • Reduced engine stress: Without proper lubrication, engines are far more likely to overheat. When this happens, you may experience engine breakdown and repair issues that are costly and time-consuming to address. By following standard recommendations for oil changes and car maintenance, you can greatly increase the longevity of your vehicle and improve its performance and gas mileage.

Schedule an oil change in Chino, CA

Bring your vehicle in to Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing for your next oil change in Chino, CA! Our trained and certified technicians have decades of experience providing a wide range of vehicle repair and maintenance services for cars of various years, makes and models. Whether you’ve noticed an issue with your car that you want to have diagnosed or you need a routine oil change in Chino, CA, our team would be happy to help you. Stop by today or give us a call to find out more and schedule a service appointment.

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