Signs Your Brakes Need to Be Replaced

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Your brake system probably is not the part of your vehicle that takes up most of your attention. However, your brakes are absolutely one of the most important components of your vehicle. Brakes that are in good condition help you to maintain safe stopping distances and can save your life in an emergency situation.

This means you need to be able to ascertain whether there are any signs that your brakes are starting to fail on you in any way. It could be the brake light showing up, or it could be any other number of signs or symptoms that appear while you’re driving. No matter what, if you notice such signs occurring, it’s important you visit an auto mechanic in Chino, CA as soon as possible to get the issue resolved.

Here are just a few of the most common signs that your brakes need to be serviced:

  • Worn out pads: Most vehicles use disc brakes, which are similar to the brakes you’d find on a 10-speed bike. There’s a hydraulic system that uses brake fluid, which triggers padded clamps (calipers) that squeeze together on a disc called the rotor. This friction stops the car. Over time, these pads wear down, which results in them becoming less effective at bringing your car to a stop. Checking the thickness of these brake pads is actually pretty easy, so if you do this and see that they’re starting to look worn down to less than a quarter of an inch thick, it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Unusual sounds: Strange sounds in your car are never a good sign. If you start to notice high-pitched squealing, this is usually a sign that you need to replace your brake pads. It’s especially bad if you can hear this sound even while you have the windows up and music playing. Also, be on the lookout for grinding noises. If you hear this, you’ve probably already worn all the way through your brake pads, so you need to get to a mechanic immediately.
  • A pulling feeling: Do you feel your car start to pull left or right without you turning the wheel? There are a number of problems that could be causing this sensation, and worn brake pads may be one of them. It could also be a stuck caliper that’s causing friction on only one of the wheels, which makes for an uneven drive. Keep in mind that there are other issues that could be at the root of this problem, though, so it’s best to have a mechanic take a look.
  • Vibrations: Your brake pedal should not vibrate or pulse when used under normal braking circumstances. This generally is an indication of a warped rotor. Warped rotors only occur when they are exposed to stress for a long period of time, which means it’s time for you to go in and get your vehicle checked out by a pro.

For more information about how to tell if you need to change your brakes, contact an auto mechanic in Chino, CA or visit Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing today.

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