Six Signs It’s Time for a New Car Battery

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Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. You must practice safe driving, fill up with the right gas, wash it from time to time and perform regular routine maintenance yourself or take it to a certified auto mechanic in Chino, CA for service. Of all the car components, the battery is the one that gives life to the engine and electrical system. It’s for this reason you need to make sure the battery is in good working order. Below are six signs it’s time for a new car battery.

Dashboard warning light

Cars have dashboard warning lights that let you know if a component is about to fail or needs attention. If something is going on with the car’s battery, then a warning light in the shape of a battery will light up. It may illuminate to let you know it’s not replenishing properly or there’s something wrong internally, but it could also mean an issue with the alternator or electrical system. The safest route to take is straight to your trusted auto mechanic in Chino, CA for a proper diagnosis.

Slow engine crank

While too little gasoline in the tank can cause slow engine crank, so can a lack of battery power. The battery is what that starts the engine and the alternator, which is how your car and its electrical components stay powered up. If you turn the key in the ignition and the engine is slow to crank, the battery could be low on juice. Another possibility is that your engine doesn’t crank at all—all you’ll hear is a rapid clicking sound. Have the battery tested, and get a replacement if needed.

Low or no power to electrical components

A car battery powers the engine as well as various electrical components, such as power windows, the radio, power seats, interior and exterior lights, windshield wipers and more. Therefore, it needs to produce enough juice to run it all.

Bulging battery case

No part of your car battery should ever look unusual. The sides of the battery box should be flat, not swelling or bulging. Bulging can happen when a car is parked for an extended period of time in hot or cold temperatures. Battery case swelling is often caused by excessive heat, which will undoubtedly decrease battery life.


Corrosion around the posts and cable connections is a result of a leaky car battery. The thing about battery leaks is that, if caught early, the gunk can be cleaned away and the connections tightened or replaced. Wait too long and your car may not start—the battery may not be salvageable.

Loss of power overnight

It’s not unusual for a car battery to drain overnight. This can happen when you accidentally leave a light on or a door slightly ajar. Faulty electrical components or wiring could also be to blame. If replacing the battery yourself doesn’t get things back to normal, call a local auto shop for assistance.

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