Why Aren’t All Fuel Doors on the Same Side?

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For as long as we’ve had cars, drivers have been looking for answers to some of the most baffling questions about vehicles. These days, one of the most pervasive points of confusion among drivers is the location of the fuel door. The position of this door can vary from car to car, seemingly arbitrarily, and can cause frustration when a driver gets a new car or rents a car that has a different fuel door position. Finding out the reason behind the varying locations of car fuel doors might not totally eliminate confusion or frustration, but it might help you understand the reasoning behind the placement of fuel doors. Read on for an explanation from an auto mechanic in Chino, CA!

The history behind fuel door placement

To understand one reason why fuel door placement varies from car to car, you have to think about the way traffic flows and drivers navigate the road in different countries. In the United States, where we drive on the right side of the road, it’s far easier to turn into a gas station on the right side of the road than trying to cross over one or more lanes of oncoming traffic to get to the left side of the road. When a car pulls into a gas station, cars with fuel doors on the driver’s side of the car have to park on the right side of the fuel station. While this may work for a few cars at a time, it becomes an issue when there is a line for fuel.

Part of the reason why fuel doors may be placed on different sides of different cars is simply to help reduce backlog at gas stations. Varying the placement of fuel doors allows gas stations to efficiently get through a long line of cars by using two-sided fuel stations. The demand for convenience when it comes to refueling can help explain why we have so much variation in fuel doors on different car models today.

Another reason why fuel doors vary in their placement is simply because one side is easier for the manufacturer than another. In the United States, there is no standard for fuel door placement, so manufacturers can locate the door wherever it’s most convenient for them. Fuel door placement is also a product of the car’s overall design. The placement of the fuel tank in the car in relation to its other major components will dictate where the fuel door is located.

Visit an auto mechanic in Chino, CA

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