Air Conditioning and Other Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer is one of the best seasons of the year. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you can enjoy tons of outdoor activities. Though it’s beautiful outside, this hot weather can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Summer isn’t just potentially dangerous for your personal wellbeing—it can also be a problem for your vehicle. Continue reading to learn how to protect yourself and your car this summer.

Inspect and fix your AC

The easiest way to stay cool throughout the summer is to bring your car to a mechanic to inspect your air conditioner and make any necessary repairs. Air conditioning isn’t necessary for a properly running car, but it sure makes life more comfortable on hot summer days. Ensure your air conditioner works properly this summer by bringing your car to us for auto AC repair in Chino, CA. We offer the best prices and fastest services around for all of your repair needs.

Buy a sunshade

Everyone’s gotten into a sweltering hot car at some point in their lives, and everyone can agree that it’s not a fun experience. The seats (especially leather seats) burn the back of your legs, the steering wheel is too hot to touch and it takes forever for the car to cool down once you’ve started the engine. The good news is that this scenario is easy to avoid if you purchase a sunshade. A sunshade placed in your windshield blocks the sun’s rays and keeps the temperature lower inside your car while you’re away.

Use a dash cover

The sun’s heat isn’t the only problem for your car during the summer. Harmful UV rays can fade or even ruin your upholstery. Protect your upholstery and keep your interior looking brand new by placing a dash cover on your dashboard every time you get out of the car.

Cover your steering wheel

As mentioned above, your steering wheel can be too hot to touch when you first hop in your car during summer afternoons. Touching it too soon can even leave you with a slightly burnt hand! Make sure that’s not an issue for you by covering your steering wheel with a small towel before you get out of the car. This just takes a few seconds to do and can save you from a small and uncomfortable injury.

Park in a shaded area

It’s incredible how much a little bit of shade can help cool down your car’s interior. The next time you’re searching for a parking spot, try to find a place under a tree or in another shaded area. The interior of your vehicle can easily be five to 10 degrees cooler in the shade rather than left unprotected in the middle of the parking lot. Of course, a shaded parking spot isn’t always possible… but that’s why you have your sunshade, dash cover, and steering wheel cover!

Before you drive any further this summer, be sure to bring your car to Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing for car AC repair in Chino, CA! We’ll tune up your whole AC system to ensure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

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