How to Get Your Car Ready for an Extra Hot Summer

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Summer is officially here—that means long and scorching hot days! Are you and your car ready to take on this inevitable summer heat? Continue reading to learn how a BMW mechanic in Chino, CA can prepare your vehicle for summer 2018.

Test your AC

Your car’s air conditioner isn’t 100 percent necessary, but it is pretty nice to have on hot summer days! If your vehicle hasn’t had its AC checked in a while, it could be time to do so. Bring your car to a mechanic to have the seals, belts, hoses and refrigerant levels inspected. One of our mechanics can make the necessary repairs if anything is amiss.

Replace or check the tires

If you put snow tires on your vehicle each winter, now is the time to have them replaced with regular tires. The extra grip on snow tires is perfect for the winter, but driving on snow tires in the summer months, when there’s no snow on the ground, wears your tires down faster and hurts your gas mileage. If you don’t have winter tires on your vehicle, you still need to have your tires inspected to ensure they’re structurally sound to hold up on a long road trip.

Change the oil

Much like putting on snow tires helps your car make it down the road in the winter, using more viscous oil in the winter helps your car perform better once the temperatures start to drop. Now that the temperatures are heating up, switch to a thinner oil that will allow your engine to function throughout the scorching summer months without breaking down.

Clean your car

Chances are, your vehicle accumulated quite a bit of dirt and grime throughout the winter months. This dirt doesn’t just make your car look bad—it can actually ruin your paint job. Bring your vehicle to a car wash to have it professionally cleaned this summer. Your car won’t just look brand new—you’ll also ensure your paint doesn’t chip away or crack.

Check the radiator and cooling system

Overheating can happen any time of the year. However, it’s much more common on hot summer days. The best way to prevent your vehicle from overheating, and experiencing more severe damage, is to have your radiator and cooling system inspected by a professional. A BMW mechanic in Chino, CA will look over your whole system and replace anything that looks broken or worn down.

Replace wiper blades

Sudden pop-up storms are a very real threat during the summer months. Driving through these storms is dangerous if your vehicle isn’t prepared. If your windshield wipers are worn and cracked from the winter weather, replace them with a new set. Wiper blades are fairly inexpensive and can be the difference between driving safe and getting in an accident during a rainstorm.

Don’t risk a sudden breakdown this summer—stop by Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing today for a checkup or total vehicle overhaul. A visit to your BMW mechanic in Chino, CA offers your best chance for making it through the summer on all four wheels.

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