Prep Your Car for Summer: Six Tips for Car Maintenance in Chino, CA

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Any time is a bad time to have car trouble, but the middle of a hot summer day may be the worst. Even more nerve-racking is having maintenance issues at some point during a summer road trip. As a car owner, the best thing you can do before summer arrives is to take your car to a professional auto mechanic for a thorough checkup. Also, it’s especially important that you hire a pro if there’s a task you don’t know how to handle, even if you’ve referenced your owner’s manual for advice on proper car maintenance.

Summer is almost here—is your car prepped and ready for the warmer months? Here are six tips for summertime car maintenance in Chino, CA:

  • Check the air conditioning: Summer means hot days. Check that your car’s air conditioning system is working properly—otherwise, you could end up stuck this summer without air conditioning. To test the AC yourself, turn the key in the ignition, turn on the AC and make sure the right amount of cold air is flowing through the vents. If the AC is lacking power, schedule an auto appointment right away.
  • Check the coolant: Cars are more susceptible to overheating during the summer months. For this reason, you want to be sure that your cooling system, which helps prevent the engine from overheating, is in good condition. You may want to hire a professional to flush and refill the coolant before the start of summer.
  • Change the oil: Whether it’s time for an oil change or not depends on the type of vehicle and how you use it. Most modern cars have warning sensors that light up the dashboard’s oil symbol when it’s time for an oil change, but your car’s owner’s manual will tell you the recommended mileage at which you should get the oil changed.
  • Replace engine air filters: Summer not only brings on the heat, but extra dust as well. A ton of dust floating around can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s engine, so it’s a good idea to have the air filters checked for built-up dust and debris. Overly dirty air filters need to be replaced so the engine can function properly.
  • Inspect the tires: Some auto shops will rotate your tires when you go in for an oil change. Regular rotations allow them to wear more evenly as they travel over hot roads, and last longer through the hot summer months and beyond. At home, you can check each tire’s pressure and inspect for signs of wear and tear, low tread and other damage.
  • Test the brakes: You can test the condition of your brakes by pumping them a few times while rolling. While you are driving, don’t ignore brakes that feel strange or sound weird. Your brakes may need a professional inspection, or the brake fluid may need to be replaced.

By performing the right type of car maintenance in Chino, CA, you and your passengers will have a cool, comfortable and safe summer. Call Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing to schedule an appointment today!

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