How to Tell If You Have a Fuel Pump Problem

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Since cars are made up of such a complicated system of components, it can be a real challenge to determine the cause of certain automotive problems. However, the better informed you are about your vehicle and how it operates, the better you will be at finding the source of a problem and getting it fixed.

One of the most important parts of your car when it comes to acceleration is your fuel pump. This pump is responsible for keeping fuel ratios in check to ensure effective acceleration and optimum fuel efficiency. Make sure you know what signs of fuel pump failure you should be keeping an eye out for:

  • Overheating: Make sure to keep an eye on your temperature gauge as you accelerate. Although overheating can be linked to a number of mechanical issues, it’s likely an issue with your fuel pump if the overheating is followed by your car stalling.
  • Sputtering engine: Have you noticed that your engine sputters when you reach high speeds? Even though a little sputtering might not seem like a major problem, it indicates that your fuel pump is struggling to keep up with consistent speeds as you accelerate.
  • Loss of power: Fuel pump problems sometimes only become evident when your car is put under some additional stress. If you are driving uphill or you’re hauling something heavy and you lose power completely, it’s possible that your fuel pump simply couldn’t take it. It’s likely that the issues you experience when your car is under pressure will eventually surface even under normal driving conditions, so make sure to get an inspection from an auto mechanic in Chino, CA to check things out.
  • More frequent refueling: Your fuel pump has a significant bearing on your fuel efficiency, so it’s no wonder that a failing fuel pump may lead to more frequent refueling. If no other factors have changed but you’re still refueling more frequently, it’s worth it to have your pump checked out.
  • Ignition failure: If your car simply won’t start, your fuel pump may be to blame. A fuel pump that isn’t working properly will prevent fuel from reaching your engine, which means your car won’t start. If you turn your key and hear your engine crank without starting, call an auto mechanic in Chino, CA for assistance.

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