Car Won’t Start? One of These Factors Might Be the Cause

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Nearly every driver, especially those who own an older vehicle, has experienced the frustration of trying to start a car that simply won’t start. Whether you hear nothing when you turn the key or your engine works in vain to turn over, there’s something wrong, and it’s important that you correctly diagnose the problem so that you can figure out how to fix it. Although there are several different potential causes of a non-starting car, there are some things that you can look for to narrow down the source of the problem:

  • Blank instrument panel: Usually when you turn your car on, the symbols on your instrument panel will light up. When you turn your key and none of these lights come on, it could indicate a dead battery. It’s also possible that these lights aren’t turning on because of a faulty ignition switch.
  • Starter motor won’t activate: It’s common for nothing to happen when you try to turn the key in your ignition, and this indicates that your starter motor isn’t successfully turning over your engine. In most cases, this is caused by a dead battery, but there are a few other possibilities to look into. If you test your battery and it seems to be in fine shape, you may be dealing with a faulty ignition switch, a bad starter motor or an electronic control system flaw.
  • Key won’t turn the ignition: If you can’t turn your key in the ignition at all, the easiest solution is to try and unlock the steering wheel. When your steering wheel is locked in place, you can usually free it up by turning it from side to side while you jiggle your key in the ignition. If this isn’t the problem, you will likely need a professional to take a look at your lock and key mechanism.
  • Slow motor cranking: When you hear slow cranking when you turn your key in your ignition, it’s possible that you are dealing with a battery that has a weak charge. Pull out your tester and check its charge to confirm whether this is the root of the issue. This may also be a result of other mechanical problems like old oil or worn bushings.
  • Clicking without cranking: In many cases, a clicking noise upon turning your key is caused by faulty battery connections. Take a look at your battery to see whether your battery terminals have become worn or corroded. You should also test your battery just in case the problem is the result of a weak electrical current. Otherwise, the starter motor or battery cables may be to blame. You can’t know for sure unless you take your car into a mechanic who specializes in engine repair in Chino, CA for an inspection.

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