Visit an Auto Mechanic in Chino, CA for Cooling System Maintenance

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Your engine requires a number of different systems and components to keep working the way it should, well into the future. One of the most important systems in your vehicle is your cooling system, which prevents your engine from overheating and increases its performance and longevity. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners neglect their cooling system and encounter major issues with their vehicle later on. The good news is that you can prevent these problems by investing some time and effort into maintaining your cooling system. Follow these simple steps and make sure to bring your vehicle to an auto mechanic in Chino, CA for a routine inspection and maintenance appointment:

  • Read your manual: The best way to familiarize yourself with your car’s operation, components and maintenance recommendations is to read your manual. Even though it might not seem like a very riveting read, it has lots of useful information that can help you care for your car and keep it in good working condition.
  • Inspect your cooling components: Although you can’t see every aspect of your system’s operation at a glance, it can be useful to perform a visual inspection of your cooling system to make sure everything appears to be in order. Look at your hoses, belts and radiator and check for common signs of wear and damage like corrosion and leaks. It’s also important that you closely monitor the temperature indicator on your dashboard while you’re driving to see if your vehicle is regularly overheating.
  • Check your thermostat: Your thermostat plays an important role in the regulation of your car’s temperature, but it can fail and cause problems. A well-working thermostat should have no problem opening and closing, but thermostats tend to get stuck in the closed position as they age. When a thermostat gets stuck in this closed position, it won’t be able to effectively regulate the flow of coolant in your engine and can cause overheating issues.
  • Look for leaks: If you want to perform an internal leak inspection, you will need to park your car, turn off your engine and allow it to cool completely. Then, you can use a pressure tester to help you determine whether any internal combustion gas is leaking. If you don’t have the equipment necessary to perform this test on your own, you can always bring it to your local auto mechanic in Chino, CA.
  • Check radiator pressure cap: One important component of your cooling system is your radiator pressure cap. This cap helps your radiator maintain regular levels of pressure but it is susceptible to wear over time. You should routinely take some time to check the pressure of your radiator pressure cap.

Do you have more questions about maintaining or servicing your vehicle’s cooling system? Simply contact the experienced technicians here at Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing. We would be more than happy to answer your questions, provide you with more information about services and pricing and get you scheduled for comprehensive vehicle service in our shop.

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