The Importance of Oil Changes and Tire Rotations

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Everyone knows that their car needs to be serviced on a regular basis in order to ensure that it continues to run smoothly, but many people are unsure about how often they should have regular services done. Sometimes, car owners go in to have regular services done too often, but it’s more common for drivers to get service done less often than necessary.

A couple of the most important services to have done on your car are tire rotations and oil changes. A tire rotation promotes even wear on your tires and prevents your tires from losing tread at an uneven rate. An oil change in Chino Hills, CA, meanwhile, is essential since oil lubricates your engine and mitigates the effects of friction by absorbing excessive heat. Without these services, you could quickly end up with an overheated engine or a tire blowout. To keep your car in the best shape possible, make sure you know when to have these services performed and why they’re so important

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If you drive about 10,000 miles or less each year, chances are you will want to get about three or four oil changes during that time, although this figure will likely increase if you drive more frequently or in more extreme conditions. Often, an auto mechanic will take the opportunity to rotate your tires while your oil is being changed, so tire rotations may happen just as frequently as oil changes.

The best way to determine how often you need an oil change in Chino Hills, CA is to read your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual for your specific make, model and year will offer the most accurate and reliable estimates for how frequently you need to have services performed, including oil changes and tire rotations. If you don’t have access to your manual or you want a second opinion about routine service, you can always speak to a trusted auto mechanic.

Most people understand how important it is to have the oil changed in their car, but many underestimate just how much of a difference a tire rotation can make. Because of the way weight is distributed in most vehicles, front and back tires experience different rates of wear. This uneven wear can cause different tires to lose tread at a more rapid rate. Without rotation, you may end up with two tires that are like new and two that are completely worn out an unable to provide sufficient traction. A rotation allows tires to wear at a rate that is more even, which means that all of your tires will begin to lose traction at approximately the same rate, making it easier to replace all of your tires at once.

Oil changes and tire rotations don’t take very long to complete, but they can make a huge difference in the safety and function of your vehicle. If you are looking for a trusted auto mechanic to provide a tire rotation or oil change in Chino Hills, CA, bring your car to Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing for all of your routine service needs. Come in and see us today—we’re currently offering free tire rotations with oil changes!

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