Here’s How Often You Need an Oil Change in Chino Hills, California

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If you own any type of vehicle, then you know the importance of keeping the engine healthy, starting with regular oil changes. But how do you know when your vehicle needs an oil change in Chino Hills, California? The following is information that will help you know when to change your oil and the signs that point to the need for an oil change.

How often do you need to change your oil?

When you were learning to drive, you likely heard over and over that you need to change your car’s oil at least every 3,000 miles. While that number is not wrong, it’s also not set in stone. The important thing to remember is that clean motor oil needs to be running through your vehicle’s system so all the working and moving parts stay lubricated and functioning properly. It’s for that reason that some cars and trucks run just fine for up to 10,000 miles before an oil change, while others need oil changes every 3,000 miles.

Oil change frequency depends on things like how often you drive, road conditions and engine design. Make sure to reference your car owner’s manual for manufacturer-recommended time or distance in between oil changes.

Here are five signs you need an oil change:

  • Dirty motor oil: Spent motor oil will either be dark brown or black, and a bit on the sludgy side. These characteristics will present more quickly in vehicles that encounter heavy amounts of road dirt and debris. If you regularly drive in dustier conditions, be sure to check the oil dipstick weekly.
  • Strange sounds: Clean oil provides smooth lubrication for a vehicle’s moving parts. When the oil is dirty or low, the engine has a difficult time working properly. A car that needs an oil change is likely to make unusual sounds, including squeaking, banging and high-pitched grinding sounds.
  • Strong oil smell: You shouldn’t be able to smell your car’s oil when it’s parked or in motion. The only time you might get a nose full of oil odor is very briefly after an oil change, because some oil may have splashed on the engine during service and now the engine is hot. Smelling burning oil any other time or for a longer period of time could be a sign that you need to get the oil changed.
  • Excessive exhaust: Dirty or low oil coupled with a leaky exhaust can produce a thick black or white smoke from the tailpipe. If there’s a constant release of thick odorous smoke coming from the exhaust, visit a mechanic shop immediately.
  • Skipped oil changes: A big sign your car needs an oil change is when you cannot recall the last time you had it changed. Today, many vehicle owners rely on a shop to change their oil, and therefore, you may forget to keep track of service. Ask for email reminders.

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