Four Ways to Tell That It’s Time for New Tires

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It should go without saying that your tires are one of the most important aspects of your car. Without four fully inflated tires, you’re not getting anywhere anytime soon. While tire inflation is important, it isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to your tires. Here are a few things to think about regarding your tires, and signs that it’s time to bring your car in for auto repair in Chino, CA:

  • Age is a factor: Although tires are constructed better than they were decades ago, they still don’t last forever. The rubber can only last so long before it starts to deteriorate. Most car manufacturers recommend replacing your tires every six years or so, and tire manufacturers like Goodyear and Firestone say you can wait up to 10 years before buying a new set. Of course, this all depends on how often you use your car. If you have a long daily commute, you’re probably going to need new tires sooner rather than later. Speak to your dealership or with an auto mechanic about a good time to replace those old tires.

  • Check the tread: As tires age, the tread begins to wear down and the tire starts to become “bald.” A bald tire is bad news! Without sufficient tread, you’re bound to slip and slide on the road in bad conditions and you could end up in an accident. At least once a month you should perform the penny test by placing a penny inside the tread. If you can still see Lincoln’s head, you need to bring your car in for auto repair in Chino, CA as soon as possible.

  • Check the tire pressure: As mentioned above, tire pressure is important. You’re much more likely to get into an accident if your tires aren’t fully inflated. To be sure you’re driving on a fully inflated set of tires, you should make a habit of visually inspecting them before you get into the car. A flat tire should be easy to spot. As tires get older and the rubber begins to wear down, air is more likely to leak out. This process is compounded when you drive on rough or uneven surfaces. To ensure your tires are properly inflated, purchase a tire pressure gauge. They’re only a couple of bucks at an auto shop and are the best way to tell whether your tires are over- or underinflated.

  • Check the sidewall: You don’t need a coin or any other tool to check the sidewall of your tires. Simply look down at the tire and check for any bulges or other irregularities. A bulge in the sidewall means that there’s a lot of air pressure on the thinner outer wall. The outer wall can’t hold pressure for very long and is bound to blow out sooner rather than later.

If you feel like it’s been a while since you’ve gotten new tires, or if you’ve noticed any of the above signs, bring your car to Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing and get some new shoes for your car! We can set you up with four brand-new tires that are guaranteed to keep you safe out on the road. When you’re in the market for new tires or general auto repair in Chino, CA, we hope you’ll come see us soon!

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