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What To Look For When Inspecting Your Car Tires

April 24, 2023 9:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What To Look For When Inspecting Your Car Tires As a driver, you’re responsible for the condition of the vehicle you are operating – whether it is your own, a friend’s or family member’s car, or even a rental. Tires are an essential part of any vehicle – not only for your own safety but for other people on the road as well. When a concern arises, be ready to visit an auto mechanic! Tread Depth One of the most important things to check when inspecting your car tires is tread depth. It’s a key factor in how well your... View Article

How Often Should I Check My Tire Pressure On My Car?

March 20, 2023 7:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

How Often Should I Check My Tire Pressure On My Car? One of the most dangerous risks involved in driving these days is under-inflated tires. It is estimated that tire underinflation causes 11,000 car accidents each year. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your tires properly inflated at all times. The most important thing is to check them regularly and ensure they are pumped to the proper PSI, then visit an auto repair shop if necessary. Safety While tire pressure may seem like a simple, unimportant maintenance task, maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires is crucial to the... View Article

What Is The Best Way To Jumpstart A Hybrid?

March 13, 2023 7:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What Is The Best Way To Jumpstart A Hybrid? Hybrids are a cross between gas-powered and electric cars. That means they can get a bit tricky to jump-start, and you have to be careful not to damage your vehicle in the process without the help of an auto mechanic. How Do Hybrids Work? Hybrids are known for their fuel efficiency, which makes them an attractive option for those seeking to cut costs at the gas pump. They also put out significantly lower emissions than nonhybrid cars. In a hybrid, a gasoline engine powers an electric motor and a large propulsion... View Article

Why Are My Front Tires Wearing Unevenly?

February 20, 2023 5:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Your front tires play a critical role in your vehicle’s safety and performance. They help you steer and stop quickly, as well as allow you to make precise turns. When your tires are wearing unevenly, there may be a problem that needs to be fixed at an auto repair shop. This can be anything from bad alignment adjustment to quality steering, and suspension parts. Irregular Tire Wear Irregular tire wear, either across the tire tread or around the circumference of the tire, can indicate an underlying problem that requires attention. It can also signal the need to replace tires that... View Article

Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake When I Brake?

February 13, 2023 5:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If your steering wheel shakes when you brake, it’s a problem that should be addressed right away. It could indicate a serious issue that may threaten your vehicle’s safety or longevity, so it’s important to get it looked at as soon as possible. There are a variety of common culprits for this, from worn brake pads to dry guide pins and warped rotors. It’s always best to have a qualified mechanic examine your car before you drive it. Worn Brake Pads Worn brake pads are the most common culprit for a steering wheel shaking when you brake or stop. Essentially, when your pads get worn down, they’re not able to clamp down on... View Article

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