New to BMWs? Here’s Your Repair and Maintenance Guide!

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BMW repair tips are different than those recommended for other makes and models because higher-end vehicles require additional attention. Many new BMW owners in Chino, CA contact us for BMW maintenance tips because they made the investment in these vehicles and now want to keep them running their best. Fortunately, vehicle quality makes it easier to meet this goal, but you should still know what to expect. Here are five things you should know about BMW maintenance and repair:

  • Electrical issues are common: When you purchase a used BMW, inspect the electrical system first. The company uses plastic casings and materials for this system, contributing to electrical systems wearing out more quickly. While this is easy to address at a repair appointment, knowing before you buy helps you make an informed decision. If you wish to lower this risk, purchase a certified pre-owned car that passed a thorough inspection, including the electrical components.
  • Watch the coolant system: High-performance cars rely on their coolant systems more than typical mid-performance vehicles. You must detect these issues as they arise, as failure to repair causes catastrophic engine damage. Experienced BMW mechanics know to check for leaks and wear in the coolant components and inform you of any problems. You are most likely to face these issues in the summer months, when heat taxes your coolant system.
  • Check engine light normally indicates an electrical problem: All of us dread the check engine light. Its cause can be anything from a loose gas cap to a malfunctioning catalytic converter. For BMWs, though, the check engine light is usually not related to an engine problem, but an electrical one. Vehicles with complex systems and many dashboard notifications tend to show wear and tear through false alarms. Your mechanic can confirm this issue and shut off the check engine light, but you will likely see the alarm again and need additional electrical repairs to resolve it for good.
  • Expect to pay more: Parts for BMWs cost more than for other cars. BMW repair is specialized, so labor costs more, too. Keeping up with maintenance saves you money on repairs in the long run, but you will still pay more than you would for a different make and model. However, since BMWs last for years, with many models making it into the hundreds of thousands of miles, many owners feel the extra cost for repairs and maintenance is worth it.
  • Look outside dealerships: The dealership will push its own repair department, but they will also cost more. Some people appreciate the regularity of using their dealer’s shop, but you should know you have options. Check for independent auto repair shops that specialize in BMWs. Many of us are certified and offer extensive experience. You will find our services match up well against dealerships, and you will pay less for repairs and maintenance.

Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing offers specialized BMW repair in Chino, CA. We are a reliable repository of BMW maintenance tips and BMW repair tips! Call us today to schedule service for your BMW.

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