Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

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You’ve undoubtedly pulled up to a stoplight and heard squeaking brakes coming from one of the nearby cars. It’s an awful, ear-piercing sound that’s both annoying and potentially the sign of some serious problems. Let’s hope you’ve never been the person with the squeaky brakes in Chino, CA, but if you have been, here are a few of the probably reasons why:

  • Worn pads: Today’s brake pads have built-in metal strips that will start to squeal when the pad is getting thin. This squealing or squeaking sound is a driver’s first indication that it’s time to have those brake pads replaced. The high-pitched noise will change over time to a grinding sound, further indicating that it’s time to replace the brake pads.
  • Poor lubrication: If you don’t hear the squeaking sound every time you step on the brakes, you could be dealing with an under-lubricated brake. Though this isn’t a surefire sign that your brakes need to be replaced or adjusted, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional inspect them. After all, driving around with shoddy brakes is a dangerous game.
  • Moisture: There’s no need for concern if you hear your brakes squeal every day on your morning commute. This squealing noise is most likely caused by a thin layer of rust formed by moisture or morning dew. The annoying squeaking noise should go away after you’ve driven for a few miles.
  • Cold weather: Similar to the point above, low temperatures can impact your brakes and make them squeal when activated until the car warms up. Again, hearing squealing brakes in Chino, CA on cold days isn’t necessarily a cause for worry.
  • Heavy loads: Towing a heavy trailer around can also lead to squealing brakes, especially if your car isn’t built for hauling. As you can imagine, making your brakes work overtime to slow down a heavy load will lead to some squealing and squeaking. If you hear this noise often, it’s time to rethink how much weight you’re towing around.

Stop the squeaking!

Instead of turning up the radio to drown out your squeaking brakes, nip the problem in the bud. Make those squealing brakes in Chino, CA a thing of the past by following these simple steps:

  • Adjust your driving habits: As we just mentioned, towing a heavy load can be a cause for those squealing brakes. Instead of laying on the brakes when you have a big load, try downshifting to slow your vehicle down. Additionally, drive slower to avoid having to slam on the brakes.
  • Bring your car to a pro: Taking your car to a professional mechanic is your best bet if you want to stop your brakes from squealing. A mechanic will either be able to replace the brake pads, lubricate the brakes or adjust them to stop the squeaking once and for all.
  • Upgrade your brake pads: If the root of the problem is a worn pad, ask your mechanic to set you up with some higher-quality brake pads. Better pads will last longer without wearing down and will perform better while you’re driving.

Quit ignoring those squeaky brakes in Chino, CA and bring your vehicle to Gabriel’s Automotive & Towing! Our pros can inspect your brakes to find the root of the problem and address the issue in no time at all. After we’re finished servicing your brakes, you’ll notice the difference!

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